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  • Our diverse workforce provides TTM with the range of talent and experience necessary to compete successfully in the marketplace. TTM employs the most qualified people for jobs, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status or any other protected characteristic as established by law.
  • To comply with federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action record keeping, reporting, and other legal requirements we invite applicants to voluntarily self-identify their gender, race, ethnicity, and Veteran status during the pre-offer process. Information will be used solely for government reporting purposes. It will not be considered in the hiring process or thereafter and will be treated as personal and maintained in a confidential file.
  • Should you need assistance completing this form, contact TTM Technologies Human Resources Department at 714-327-3004.
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Location Title Shift Openings
Anaheim, CA
  Final Inspector 2nd Shift 3
  Production Manager 2nd Shift 1
  Product Technician 1st Shift 1
  Microsection Technician 2nd Shift 1
  Quality Generalist 1st Shift 1
  DES Operator 2nd Shift 1
  AOI Operator 2nd Shift 1
  LDI Operator 2nd Shift 1
  Field Application Engineer 1st Shift 1
  Process Engineer (Mechanical) 1st Shift 1
  Customer Service Representative 1st Shift 1
Chippewa Falls, WI
  Maintenance Technician Rotating 12-hour evenings 1
  Production Associate - PM Weekends Part-time Weekend Nights 1
  Production Associate - AM Weekends Part-time Weekends 1
  Manufacturing Engineer 1st shift 1
  Production Associate-3rd shift 3rd shift 5
  Production Associate-2nd shift 2nd shift 5
  Operations Management Intern 1st shift 2
  Quality Engineer 1st 4
  Engineer Intern 1st shift 4
  Director of Quality 1st Shift 1
  Production Supervisor-2nd shift 2nd shift 1
  Sr. HR Business Partner 1st 1
  Electrical Test Signal Integrity Engineer 1st shift 1
Denver, CO
  Maintenance Technician 1st 1
  Process Engineering Manager 1st 1
  Drill Operator 3rd 1
  Plating Operator 2nd 1
  Electroless Operator 2nd 1
  SES Operator 2nd 1
  Process Engineering Technician 1st 1
Forest Grove, OR
  Manufacturing Supervisor Swing 2
  Process Engineer - Mechanical Day 1
  Director of Operations Day 1
  Lead Operator - Soldermask Swing 1
  HR Manager Days 1
  Director of Engineering Days 1
  Inside Sales Manager Day 1
Logan, UT
  CNC Programing Technician Swings 3pm - 11pm 1
  Entry Level Production Associates Day, Swing, Graves, - PT and FT 10
  General Ledger Accountant Days 1
  GEneral Ledger Manager Days 1
North Jackson, OH
  Fab Operator 2nd Shift 1
  DFI Operator 1st Shift 1
  Microsection Tech 3rd Shift 2
  Maintenance Tech 1
  Drill Supervisor 1st Shift 1
  Fab Operator 1st Shift 1
  Administrative Assistant 8am - 5pm / M - F 1
  Environmental Technician (EHS) 1 Shift 1
  Wet Lab Technician 3rd Shift 1
  DFI Operator (Dry Film) 1st Shift 1
  Lamination Operator 3rd Shift 2
  Plating Operator 3rd Shift 2
  DFI Operator (Dry Film) 2nd Shift 3
  DFO Operator (Dry Film Outer Layer) 1st Shift 1
  DFO Operator (Dry Film Outer Layer) 3rd Shift 1
  Soldermask Operator 2nd Shift 2
  AOI Operator 2nd Shift 1
  Environmental Technician (EHS) 2nd Shift 1
  Final Inspector 3rd Shift 1
San Diego, CA
  Engineer, Manufacturing (Mechanical) 1st 1
  Manager, Production Operations (Manufacturing) 1st 1
  Drill Operator #26 (1st Shift) 1st Shift 1
  Drill Operator #27 (2nd Shift) 2nd Shift 1
  Production Associate - Photo Imaging #28 1st Shift 1
Santa Ana, CA
  Supervisor, Wet Process (Plating) 2nd 1
  Final Inspection (Production Associate I) 2nd 1
  Fabrication (Production Associate I) 2nd 1
  Sr. Process Engineer 1st 1
  Customer Service Representative 1st 1
  CNC Machinery Maintenance Technician 1 1
Santa Clara, CA
  Sr. Field Application Engineer 1st 1
  CNC Machinery Maintenance Technician 1st 1
Stafford Springs, CT
  Quality Engineer (057-15 & 067-15) 1st 2
  Surface Mount Technician (046-15) 2nd 1
  Inside Sales I (068-15) 1st 1
  Production Assoc-(075) Inspection, Test, Solder Depts 1st & 2nd 10
  Administrative Assistant (071-15) 1st 1
Stafford, CT
  Engineer I (Program/Project Lead) 1st 1
  Quality Engineering Supervisor 1st 1
  Waste Water Treat Technician 2nd 1
  Process Engineer 2nd 1
  Perl Programmer 2nd 2
  RF Engineer 2nd 2
  Special Ops Tech 2nd 1
  Production Associate 1st, 2nd, & 3rd 1
  Maintenance Mechanic 2nd 2
  Shift Supervisor 2nd 1
  NC Machinist 1st 1
  Waste Treatment Supervisor 1st 1
Sterling, VA
  DFI Operator 1st 1
  Microsection Tech 2nd 1
  Surface Finish Operator (HASL) 2nd 1
  AOI Operator 2nd 1
  Lamination Operator 2nd & 3rd 2
  Fab Operator 1st 1
  Plating Operator 3rd 1
  ET Operator 1st 1
  Drill Operator 2nd & 3rd 2
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
  Maintenance Tech (0103) (0293) Wed-Sunday , Split Shift 3
  Inside Sales Representative (0258/0294) Split Shift 12:00-8:15 PM 2
  Inside Sales Representative (0240) Contract Position, Day Shift 1
  Receiving Clerk (0275) 2nd shift (3:00 PM - 11:15 PM) 1
  Quality Audit/Admin Technician (0330) Day Shift 1
  Process Engineering Technician (0325) Split Shift, 1:00-9:30 PM 1
  Electrial Test Machine Operator (0344) Friday to Tuesday, 3rd Shift (11:00 PM- 7:15 AM) 1
  Lamination Machine Operator (0343) 3rd Shift (11:00 PM-7:15 AM) 1
  SES Machine Operator (0326) 3rd Shift (11:00 PM- 7:15 AM) 1
  Microsection Tech (0331) 3rd Shift (11:00 PM - 7:15 AM) 1
  Legend Machine Operator (0173) 3rd Shift (11:00 PM - 7:15 AM) 1
  Final Inspector (0351) 3rd Shift (11:00 PM - 7:15 AM) 2
  Surface Finish Operator (0354/0355) 3rd Shift (11:00 PM - 7:15 AM) 2
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